Recruitment Call For Special Teaching Staff 2022 – 2023

The Special Interinstitutional Committee (SIC) of IPPS "Digital Health and Analytics" of the Department of Informatics and Telematics of the School of Digital Technology of Harokopio University, of the Department of Digital Systems of the School of Information and Communication Technologies of the University of Piraeus and the Informatics Department of the School of Information Science and Informatics of the Ionian University at its meeting No. 11/27.09.2022, decided the recruitment of recognized scientifically valid scientists to meet the needs of teaching course “Electronic Health Records and Health Data Exchange (Part of Course)” in curriculum for the winter semester of the academic year 2022-2023.


a/a Class Course Type
Required qualification
1 Electronic Health Records and Health Data Exchange(Part Course) C A degree in Computer science or Computer Engineering or equivalent and a Phd relevant to the lesson

The provided contract for the choosen candidate is for the academic year 2022-2023 and may be renewed for the next 2 academic years, if no changes occur in the study program in this particular course.


Application refering the courses that they are interested to teach

Copies of qualifications

Cv including scientific work (and in
electronic format)

Copy of ID or Passport

Certificates of relevant experience

Every other element that may, at the discretion of the person concerned, to help

The citizens of the European Union are required to submit in addition to the above documents and a bachelor's or master's degree in Greek high education or a diploma of Greek high-School or of six year high School or certificate of attainment in Greek C1 level of the Greek Language Centre, which will demonstrate the full knowledge and the comfortable use of the Greek Language. For the best and complete assessment of the candidates, you may interested to be invited to an interview from the Evaluation Committee of the applications.

Candidates may submit their applications in any way as long as they reach the secretary of the Department of Informatics and Telematics, Harokopio University

until 26.10.2022 at 13:00.m.

It is clarified that applications may mailed upon responsibility of the candidate as to the content and the time that these will be transferred to the protocol of the Harokopio University.

In the case of postal dispatch, the Secretariat of the Graduate Program in no way be liable for the non timely receipt or for the content of the application dossier.Mailed applications must be placed in a sealed envelope. In the case of postage as registered date in the protocol inbox of Harokopio University of Athens for the timeline of the application shall be the dispatch date of the application dossier authenticated by the seal by the post office. In case of late filing, the applications are not taken into account and are returned without having been opened to the candidates.

The Director of Inter-institutional Postgraduate Program
Associate Professor George Dimitrakopoulos

You can download the official notice here