Diploma Thesis

Diploma thesis is prepared individually and is an independent scientific and systematic approach and analysis of a subject, based on the available technology and existing literature, and builds on the knowledge and skills acquired during the studies.

The thesis is deposited and calibrated at the earliest in the third semester for full-time students in the sixth semester for part-time students.

The thesis must be written either (a) in Greek, including an extensive summary in English or (b) in English, including an extended summary in Greek.


At the start of each academic year on the website of the Department are posted indicative topics for theses, with a brief description, which have been proposed by the faculty of the postgraduate program. The FACULTY members of the Department should propose at least 3 reference points. Each instructor may propose up to 5 reference points each year.

Within the second fortnight of October, the students shall submit to the secretary of the Department the statements of thesis topics, having previously have been in consultation with the thesis's supervisor.


Students preparing a thesis should come in contact with the supervisor at regular intervals during the elaboration period of the work.

For that purpose, each semester there will be pre-defined hours of guidance, supervision and support of students from the faculty of the graduate program.


The grade of the diploma thesis is the average of the degrees of the three examiners. The test is successful if the final grade is superior or equal to six (6) and if the degrees of at least two examiners are senior or equal to five (5).

After the successful public support of the dissertation, the student is obliged to disposal of the work in electronic form to the Institutional Repository of the Library of the University by following the relevant instructions provided by the website of the Library.