The Program

The Department of Informatics and Telematics of Digital Technology School at Harokopio University in cooperation with the Department Of Digital Systems of Information Technologies and Communications School of University Of Piraeus and Department Of Informatics, of Science Information and Computing School at Ionian University

organise and operate from the academic year 2020 – 2021 Inter-institutional Postgraduate Program with title Digital Health and Analytics in accordance with the provisions of this decision and the provisions of law. 4485/2017, as is currently the case.

Cycle and Duration of Studies

  • As cycle of studies for the IPPS is defined attendance to the IPPS within the designated number of academic semesters.
  • The duration of each study cycle defined in three (3) academic semesters, in which is included the time for preparation of the diploma thesis.
  • The total duration of study may not be greater than five (5) teaching semesters if extended, or suspended, at the request of extension or suspension, respectively, which are described in this regulation. Part-time study is not provided as an option in the specific IPPS.
  • IPPS Studies' program includes, among other things, teaching (theory, homework exercises and laboratory exercises) and research employment (preparation of scientific papers and studies).
  • Attendance in courses is mandatory.
  • The modification of course program and the redistribution of courses between semesters can be done by decision of the competent institutions. The teaching of the educational modules of the IPPS is in Greek and/or English. The writing of Diploma thesis may be in Greek or English.
  • Part of IPPS may be carried out remotely, by the relevant provisions.
  • The total credit units for the acquisition of Master's deegree amounts to 90 credit units (ECTS). The credits ECTS per semester is 30 ECTS. In theteaching semesters (first and second) of the 30 ECTS credits correspond to 4 elective courses with 7.5 ECTS credits each.

Criteria and Selection Procedure for Candidates for the IPPS

  • The selection of those admitted to the IPPS is made in accordance with the provisions of Law 4485/2017 and the regulations of this Postgraduate Studies Regulation.
  • The evaluation of the IPPS candidates is done by a corresponding Candidate Evaluation Committee (CEC) which consists of TRAS Members of the Department who teach at the IPPS. CECs have at least two members and are set up by decision of the Department Assembly following a proposal from the SIC.
  • The Department's Secretariat, to which the files with the necessary supporting documents for each nomination are submitted, files the files with a protocol number, checks whether they contain all the necessary supporting documents, sorts them according to the direction of the IPPS and delivers them to the corresponding CEC.
  • The evaluation criteria for candidates are as follows:

1. Qualifications

2. Scores of qualifications and courses that are relevant to the subject matter of the direction of selection of the IPPS

3. Adequate knowledge of English

4. Field and duration of work and research experience.

5. Recommendation letters

6. Interview

Quality Assurance

  • The basic obligation of all the operating factors of the IPPS is the assurance and continuous improvement of its quality of. For this purpose, Regular frequent internal and external assesments are provided, in accordance with applicable law.
  • The assessment is a basic and constant activity of the IPPS for its upgrade, not only in the field of administrative and organization but, above all, in the scope of updating the curriculum and methods of teaching and learning. The aim of the assessment is the harmonisation of the IPPS with the modern trends of science and digital technology, global best practices and standards, without forgetting the acquisition needs , adapted to the Greek reality, of specialized knowledge from the students.
  • At the end of each semester, evaluation of every class and every teacher is carried out by the students according to the applicable provisions. The internal and external evaluation of the IPPS as well as the assurance and certification of its quality will be made in accordance with the relevant provisions.