Electronic Health Records and Health Data Exchange

Course ID   MSC01

Semester   A’

Type   Compulsory

The course of Electronic Health Records and Health Data Exchange aims at presentating the role of information systems in health, with an emphasis on the representation and storage of medical data in the form of Electronic Health Record – EHR. The course will examine issues such as the representation and registration of patients and clinical data, including visits to outpatient clinics, the introduction of patients, the registration of results of examinations, diagnosis, etc. The course will also discuss representation models for medical data which allow the interoperability of health information systems and the exchange of medical data.


Introduction to health information systems

Data and information representation

EHR system components and functions

EHR databases storage

Interoperability – standards overview for medical data representation

Sharing health data

Use of EHR as support in medical decision-making

EHR practical examples and use